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Harry (portus)

Unfortunate Update:

Posted on 2010.02.17 at 20:30
It occurs to me that I have been entirely remiss when it comes to this journal, and I really apologize. I'm juggling three different fandoms (not to mention RL and academia) and when disaster struck I thought I'd notified everyone but it turns out I completely missed this journal!!

Just when things were going so well, and I was so very close to finishing The Consort, my JumpDrive broke and I lost all my work (finished, unfinished, posted and not-posted) for all three fandoms. Needless to say I was completely spun, and I took a bit of a vacation because of extreme angst. I've only now begun re-building my folders and I am attempting to get things moving once more. Right now it is a matter of getting what's been posted entered back onto my new drive (and I am saving up for a back-up external hard-drive so I will hopefully severely decrease the possibilities of repeating this trauma), and then I will see where my inspirations are taking me. I don't know how long this will all take, hopefully not too much time, and then there should be new posts of a fic-related nature.

There were a bunch of people who made friends requests and I've friended everyone back, apologies for the delay. From this point on, posts like this that are not a fic or a teaser for a new chapter will all be friend-locked. The idea will be that if someone simply wants to look at fic then they do not need to friend me, but for any information about the journal/me/updates, as well as bonus features (soundtracks etc) you will need to be friended to view.

The soundtrack for The Consort: Hummingbird Circus has been re-posted, so if you had any trouble with the download links that should be fixed now. If you are browsing around the site and see a little sign that reads 'under construction' that means that I am working on that fic editing the fic or re-designing the entries for it, please be patient, there's a lot of rebuilding happening.

Thanks for you patience and support!

A Technicality in His Sins
By: gold_snitcher

Status: Ongoing  |  Word Count:
Rating: R  |  Pairing: SS/HP
Genre: Semi-AU | Slash | Vampires | Hogwarts
Warnings: Violence, (minor) character death, description of confined space

Summary: Following an attack on Privet Drive, Harry finds himself cast out of 'decent' wizarding society. Unable to change what he has become, and unable to attend Hogwarts, Harry takes refuge in study and in cultivating the strange relationship budding between himself and the school's potions master. 

{ Prologue }
 { 1. The Fledge } { 2. The Ripped Cocoon }{ 3. Chaos Rendered }
{ 4. The Definition of Evil }{ 5. Breaking to Pieces }{ 6. Never is a Promise }
{ 7. }{ 8. }{ 9. }
{ 10. }{ 11. }The End.
.pdf / AO3

Where the Wild Thing Runs
By: gold_snitcher

Rating: PG-13  |  Pairing: DM/HP, mentor!Snape
Status: Ongoing  |  Word Count:
Genre: Alternate Universe | Slash | Severitus | Hogwarts
Warnings: Violence; timeline and events altered from canon
A/N: This fic is AU and subsequently has taken many liberties with the universe of HP. Please
suspend disbelief and expectation, and trust the author knows the universe being constructed.

Summary: Years after Grindelwald's defeat, the world is a different place, but peace came at too great a cost and the world is leery of darkness. Which makes the enigmatic new 'transfer student' who was captured in the middle of a forest that was becoming Dark, all the more intriguing to the Potions' Master. Amidst the chaos of Hogwarts, Severus struggles to understand his student, and combat a rising evil.

(Under Construction)

[Chapter One: Leanbh] [Chapter Two: A Trick of the Light]

Sehnen Nach Der Dunkelheit

Rating: R  |  Pairing: SS/HP
Status: Ongoing  |   Word Count:
Genre: Semi-AU | Slash | Addiction
Warning: Addiction to dark magic.
A/N: This fic was inspired by Laurie R. King's novel, A Monstrous Regiment of Women,
and is, in some ways, an adaptation of it.

Summary: Voldemort's dead but Death Eaters are still at large. Harry is captured and tortured with a strange spell that leaves him facing a painful and difficult recovery. Will his friends be able to save him from the darkness that has become his addiction?

[1. Time By the Drop][2.Falling into Darkness][3. If There is Light][4. Where There is Will, There is Wanting]
[5.][6.][7.]The End.
.pdf version / AO3

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Gold-Snitcher: Master Fic List

Posted on 2009.04.02 at 22:32
Through here is a list of all of my fanfiction. For browsing ease it provides complete description of the fic and a link to the master post, or in the case of one-shots, to the fic directly. Do not hesitate to drop a review to any fic or chapter, no matter how old because I read them all and appreciate every single one!

Gold-Snitcher's Fanfiction MASTER LIST:
Multi-Chaptered Works:Collapse )
One-Shots:Collapse )
Drabbles:Collapse )

Harry (portus)


Posted on 2009.04.02 at 13:18
Tags: ,
Up until this point, seeing as the site was (and is still) under construction, it has been entirely open with no little hoops to jump through to get to anything it has to offer. I've been giving it some thought, and based on my own experience surfing through LJ, I really hate when fanfiction is closed-off to friends only and the like, so no worries I definitely will not be doing that. I will, however, be closing-off certain aspects of the site that as of yet have not even been posted but which I have always had in the works.

Allow me to explain. I have made reference before to certain bonus materials that I have been working on to accompany some of my fics. The poetry referenced in Life, As Experienced Through Your Fingers, soundtracks for fics and the like. This is merely done to prevent any possible problems that might arise, and not as a way of excluding or anything, so really, do not worry about it. If you are interested in accessing this material, please drop a little message in the post (the link follows) and let me know, and I will add you right away!!

{Friending Post}

NOTE: If you have already friended me, I have friended you back, so you do not need to worry about making a request.

The Consort: Hummingbird Circus
By: gold_snitcher

Chapter Nine: So Let It Be Done
Word Count: 7,112

Chapter Nine: So Let It Be DoneCollapse )

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TEASER: The Consort

Posted on 2008.06.07 at 21:12
The Consort: Hummingbird Circus
Chapter Nine: So Let It Be Done

Summary: Despite the warnings from his ministers, Draco cannot resist his High Priest. And with the empire in such turmoil it's all too easy to forget enemies that are much closer to home.


EXERTCollapse )

The Consort: Hummingbird Circus
By: gold_snitcher

Chapter Eight: The God's Consort
Word Count: 10,218

Chapter Eight: The God's ConsortCollapse )

The Consort: Hummingbird Circus
By: gold_snitcher

Chapter Seven: Water and Wine
Word Count: 6,206

Chapter Seven: Water and WineCollapse )

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