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Harry (portus)

About the Tower

Posted on 2010.02.17 at 22:48
For anyone who is not familiar with LJ, or wants to learn a little bit about the organization behind the site, then please check-out this post! If your question is not answered here, or another question arises from something you read, please leave a comment and I will answer it!

This journal is semi-friends only, which means a portion of the material on this site can only be accessed if you have been friended. I made this decision because when I was considering shifting my work from Yahoo!Groups to LJ there was some dispute among members of Portus as to the best way to format the journal. Consequently, I have made it possible to peruse the journal purely for fanfic alone.

At the moment, anyone at all is welcome to read my work, or see what work I recommend. For any posts concerning 'special features', such as soundtracks, author's notes, 'previews' etc. you must leave a comment in this post, and friend the journal. At this point in time, there is no real screening process in position, so long as you leave a comment and friend the journal, you are very likely to be accepted, but this may have to change in future.

The memories link, located in the navigation bar, offers a growing way to hop to a specific fic, or to browse by genre, pairing, or 'feature'.

Tags are a quick way to navigate this journal and hop directly to the things you want to find. I've tried to offer as many pertinent tags as I can. The easiest way to locate 'tags' is on the userinfo page beneath my name, from there you can find a list of all the tags that I have created.

Generally my tags fall into four categories that are fairly self-explanatory:
  1. Fic: There is a tag for each multi-chaptered fic that I have written, or to all posts I make that include an accompanying soundtrack to a fic I have written, or to any teasers I post about an upcoming chapter. You can also browse by whether a fic is a one-shot (in one single chapter) or multi-chaptered, or hop directly to the masterlists of all my fic.
  2. You can also browse by genre or by pairing.
  3. Under bonus material you will find any supplementary material I have posted that relates to a fic I have written. This includes fanart, soundtracks, author's notes, 'previews', and also general status posts or my personal posts. Anything that requires you be friended in order to view is under  'bonus', which means that if you have not been friended you will not be able to view anything posted under this tag.
Please note that some of the bonus material (author's notes, ost's, art) is also linked on a fic's masterpost. You can find find the 'masterlists' several ways. On my userinfo page there are links to my fanfiction. From inside my journal you can find the masterlists via 'tags', but the easiest way to find my fanfiction is to go to the links menu on the sidebar, under Gold-Snitcher's Fanfiction where I've made a master post of all my fics. You can find multi-chaptered or one-shot fics, as well as any pertinent information (pairing, rating, summary etc).

The Tower also offers polls, which can be access via the appropriate link in the links menu. Please note that all polls are considered 'bonus material' and so accessible only to those who have been friended.

If you are searching for information regarding the progress of a particular fic, look under the appropriate link in the links menu for the most up-to-date news about the work being done on any of my active fics.

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