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genre: drama

The Sins & Sorrows of Albus Dumbledore: MASTER POST

Posted on 2012.02.03 at 00:02
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The Sins and Sorrows of Albus Dumbledore
By: gold_snitcher

  Rating: R  |  Pairing: SS/HP
Status: Ongoing | Word Count:
Genre: Alternate Universe | Slash | Hogwarts
Warnings: Some description of violence and depictions of war.


Summary: When Albus Dumbledore dies he leaves behind a great legacy and a very specific will. Severus Snape receives a key that will open the door to a mystery which will change everything.


[1. The Intractable Inheritance][2. The Boy in the Tower][3. The Bumblebee's Journals][4. The Origin of Fawkes]
[5. ][6. ][7. ]The End.
timeline / .pdf version / AO3 / author's notes

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