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Portus: Gryffindor Tower

29 August 1985
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welcome to goldsnitcherfic. This community is dedicated to the Harry Potter fanfiction of gold-snitcher.

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Some published author who likely knows more about a hell of a lot than I do once said that writing is like this: You open a door, you close a door. I greatly disagree. Good writing should be like good theatre, or good film: it should make you forget where you really are. Maybe even teach you a little something. At the very least, it should entertain you. That's all I'm trying to do. I've been through a long train of fandoms, beginning with anime (Gundam Wing, Weiss Kreuz, Yuu Yuu Hakusho) but stopped sometime before the end of high school, only to be sucked back into fanfiction by a friend's absolute obsession with Harry Potter. Turns out that obsession is contagious!!

That said, this site is devoted to my Harry Potter fanfiction, all of which is slash, though the pairings vary. Please pay attention to the warnings and ratings so that you don't find yourself reading something you don't want to read. In addition to the fanfiction, I also post on this site teasers for upcoming chapters, extra-features for some of my fics (such as 'Life, As Experienced Through Your Fingers') and 'behind-the-scenes'-ish posts about my longer fics.

I really encourage reviews! It doesn't matter when the chapter/fic was posted, I still read them and answer them, and also, they really help to keep my inspiration up! If you are not quite familiar with navigating through LiveJournal, or you have questions about the general composition of my journal check out this post
, and leave a comment there if you still have questions, concerns or suggestions!

the rules.
1. Posting access is restricted to me only as this community is for my personal fanfiction. I would, however, love it if you would add the community to watch for updates.
2. Comments/feedback are highly encouraged and greatly appreciated!
3. If you have an inquiry about any fics, leave a comment on a recent post and I'll get it.
4. No flaming, please.


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my fics.
Life, As Experienced Through Your Fingers.
The Art and Practice of Absolute Pitch.
The Consort: Hummingbird Circus.
Sehnen Nach Der Dunkelheit.
The Sins and Sorrows of Albus Dumbledore.
A Technicality in His Sins.
Where the Wild Thing Runs.
and also One-Shots.

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There is a steadily growing list of fandoms that I am involved in, continuously collecting brilliant fic and writing some of my own. I go where my muse takes me; if I disappear from one fandom, it’s usually because I have reappeared in another. My work is slowly making its way over to AO3 but I also have several Live Journals where my fan-efforts are hosted.